Thursday, January 27, 2011

White Cocoon on Twig

While trimming some tree limbs, our son found this white cocoon. It's well made and I'm certain to see the resident this Spring. 
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I like the angles on this old building. These buildings are now being being torn down and replaced by modern homes. Update: As of January, 2012, they are gone. I'm glad I took pictures!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Anhinga Tree

The anhinga is a shore bird very similar to a cormorant. The Spanish moss hanging on the tree is found along the Gulf Coast of the United States.
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Notes on the photo: This tree looks like it is out in swamp or wildlife preserve when actually it is near the lake at Hermann Park in central Houston. The shape of the tree with all of its elements reminds me of a haiku poem. This type of water bird has none of the negative connotations that a tree full of vultures might have. In fact, it's almost comical that a large bird with webbed feet can sit in a tree! I wanted the scene to look mysterious but not haunted. David/

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Quick Study ~ Rainy winter scene in Houston

"Waiting in the Car Outside the Spice Store"

Background: the liquid tone of this picture just kept haunting me. Should I take the quick snapshot? Should I wait until someone with an umbrella walks by? Maybe next time. Maybe never. I think the circles of light inside the store keeps it fresh. Still, a person with a dark umbrella would be so much better. David/

Friday, January 14, 2011

Welcome to Houston in Black & White ~ Monochrome Photo Blog

The Discovery Table in My Classroom ~ Ocean Theme

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Background & Personal Notes: I had originally thought I'd post a weekly black and white photo on my other color blog, but after viewing it, it didn't seem the right context. Checked out all of the monochrome blogs this weekend and really enjoyed them. This will be the home of my black and white weekly photos.

Notes on the photo: After posting my top pick (the CAT) on my other blog, I was left with deciding what my #2 photo of the week would be. As I was closing down my classroom for the weekend and after turning off the lights, I noticed the blinds were tilted down instead of up. I went over to fix them and noticed the table of shells. I try to avoid posed pictures, but too much of the desk was showing. I pushed the shells together and had already determined in my heart that whatever happened, happened. As it stands, the single layer of shells and such are nice, but there is one white shell that's 'hanging' on top of the others. Everytime I view this shot, I want to flip this shell over. It's to the lower right of the starfish. I guess it gives the photo unresolved tension..which is good in a way.

My plan is to do something very different each weekend.  So next week outdoor, not indoor;  long range, not short range,  big picture, not vignette.  Moving life, not still life.  I'm 52 and just starting out on this long awaited photo adventure.  This will be my most challenging blog of the three. David/