Thursday, October 6, 2011


Our younger son, Alex, is quite the musician. To most older people like myself, the ukulele is just a toy.
But as I've listened and learned I now know that it is a serious musical instrument capable of the most beautiful music.
I wish I could include a music clip of my son's ukulele music, but I'm not quite there on embedding such things.
Instead, I can include a clip of the most famous of all ukulele players; IZ of Hawaii singing and playing on a white sandy beach.
Maybe you could play it while you visit our most gracious host Dragonstar, at
Thanks! David/ :-)


  1. So relaxing he looks there your son. A lovely shot on a musician in action. I listened ti IZ, he´s just so great!!! Thanks for this lovely blog entry.

  2. I love this shot! The shoes the fedora, and of course, the uke. I used to play when I was younger... now I wonder whatever happened to it.

  3. The clarity, shadows, textures are great. I like the DOF "feel" elongating the shot, from the front (feet) backward. Nice ROOC or cropping. Smiles from Alaska. Karen in Kenai

  4. Very nice black and white photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  5. I love this shot. Looks so natural, and he's a very nice-looking boy.

  6. I like this shot a lot, David. The checks on your son's shoes are perfect against the stripes on the chair, and I love the pick between his teeth!

    I enjoy your blog, and have awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  7. das ist ein wundervolles Bild, das auch ohne jeden Ton die Verbundenheit des Modells (einen sehr sympathischen Sohn hast du!) mit seiner Musik vermittelt. Der Bildaufbau und die unterschiedlichen graphischen Muster, die innerhalb des Bildes eine harmonische Einheit bilden tragen zu dem harmonischen Gesamteindruck stark bei. Eine sehr gute Schwarz-Weiß Aufnahme! Glückwunsch zu Sohn und Fotoarbeit!

    leider ist das youtube video in Deutschland nicht verfügbar ... :(

    ganz liebe Grüße von deiner norddeutschen Fotofreundin,


  8. Wonderful picture of your soon playing...;D

  9. Nicely composed and a good portrait of your son.


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