Thursday, December 15, 2011


Example of music from this instrument (this is not me~I just wish I sounded half this good) :

and another masterpiece if you want to hear more:

It's not as popular here in America as in Europe, but I'm part of a brass band. We play each Christmas and I love it. This is a detail of my Euphonium. The most famous Euphonium players are in England and I'm quite a fan. To see some visual music, tune in to our host, Dragonstar, at

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  1. oh i would so love to hear you play this...great photo!

  2. I love it, David!!

    Do you know Mozart's Horn Concerto No. 3 ??

    it's magical ...

    best Christmas greetings my friend for you and yours,


  3. I would adore hear you all play. Love Christmas brass and have many, many recordings. I play violin so adore my music. The picture of your euphonium is lovely. Do not think there is a single smudge on it...but that is the way it is supposed to be....right :-) A special post. genie

  4. This is a wonderful shot, David! I love the reflections, it would be perfect for the Weekend Reflections meme.

  5. Always know there will be an exceptional picture when I visit here.

  6. Wonderful highlights and reflections. I like seeing you fingertips too!


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