Wednesday, January 18, 2012


It has been one year since I joined Dragonstar at The Weekend in Black & White. I've found someway or other to post without ever missing.....52 weeks in a row!
My goal was to improve my skills and to enjoy the wonderful photos of others.
It's been a profoundly moving experience and a year I will never forget.
This second year will be different in a number of ways.
First, I will not be able to post each week. My job and my family need my time in ever increasing doses.
Secondly, I've outgrown my poor little camera.
I need a new one to continue this journey.
I don't like to say I need a 'real' camera.
Perhaps a serious camera would be a better term.
My greatest joy is nature macros, so if anyone has a special camera or lens they'd like to tell me about or recommend,
I'm all EYES!
Thanks to all for such a wonderful, warm welcome, kind comments, and continued friendship.
David/ Houston B&W


This week's photo: " The Journey Begins....Again"

Thanks for stopping by,
David/ :0)


  1. what a beautiful series of photographs.
    you do not not need any help my friend. you are well on your way. ~robert

  2. David I remember many of these images over the past year...some of my favorites! I think you are quite skilled and hope to be as gifted in seeing and capturing a moment as well as you one day too!

  3. What a lot of enjoyment you've given us over the past year! We'll miss you when you don't post, but as long as you drop in now and then we'll be happy. I hope you find a camera to suit you.

  4. They are really great shots, thanks for sharing..;-D hope you find a camera..;-D

  5. Wow! Great journey! Greetings from Brasov!

  6. What a strong explanatory power of the whole year! These are wonderful photographs ... every single spectacular. You have the right eye and the right feeling for sophisticated images.

    a hug


  7. These are wonderful shots, David. I remember some of them, but not all. I missed the one of the flying formation when you posted it before, but I'm glad to have seen it now! Good hunting for a serious camera, but don't cease using what you have in the meantime!



Thanks for stopping by! David/ :0)