Saturday, January 14, 2012


Black & White Photos for a Garden Bloom Day? Risky business indeed!
This month I am putting my Garden Blogger's Bloom Day & Foliage Follow-up post on my monochrome photography blog. Hope you enjoy the change of pace. Black & White photography strips away all the glitter and glitz and really makes the photographer concentrate on form and light. Now on with the show of flowers & foliage:

                                        Loquat leaves both new and old...I love their edges.
                                                                       A metaphor:
                   A poor poinsettia left behind after the holidays sees a hint of green through the curtains.
Unknown Aloe species in bloom today.

                                                   Honey bee coming in for a landing...
                                             "Houston...the Eagle Bee has landed. " (famous NASA quote)
                                                   Tweedia caerulea (every garden should have a fun name to say)
                                                         Agave weberi.... a smoooooooooth agave
Miscanthus seed fluff.

Twinkle, twinkle, little seed...a little wind is all you need. Woosh...and they'll be gone.

Setcreasea purpurea green form  ( if you needed to know that for a monochrome...LOL)

                                                      close-up of Setcreasea flower
Lantana still in bloom!

Asclepius curassavica with two ants

                                                           Shrimp plant still in bloom.
More feathery Miscanthus

...and more!

                                      Tweedia caerulea seeds getting ready for take off.
                                                 Shake the pod and out they come!
My favorite thing to show you...although it's not for bloom day OR for foliage. Still, it's here in the January garden and so very fun to watch.

                                                                     Kapow! An explosion of life.
                                                          ...and the journey begins...
Visit my garden blog, Tropical Texana, for some color versions.

And my sincere thanks to:
Carol at May Dreams Gardens...our monthly garden host of GBBD
Pam at Digging...our monthly host of Foliage Follow-up
and Dragonstar...our weekly host of Weekend in Black & White
Thanks for stopping by and being kind enough to view a bloom day in MONOCHROME!


  1. Great collection of black and white shots. Loved the seed pod photos.

  2. Thanks for a visit into you tropical garden..,-D

  3. Some fabulous photos, David. I love the tweedia seeds, and the loquat leaves.

  4. I think the photos are fantastic - I especially like the Miscanthus in B&W!

  5. That was fun! I like the different perspective! :o)


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